Some artists who are commemorated 
in the Bubene
č cemetery in Prague:

1. Jaroslav VodráŽka (1894-1984), 
painter, graphic artist and illustrator.

"Victoria", Czechia is liberated from the Germans (23-5-1945).
 22,5 x 10 cm, lithography

Ex Libris for Ing. O. Hradečny, lithography, 14 x 4,5 cm

Ex Libris for Radomil Šolc

Ex Libris for Libuše Lormanová

 "Prag", Steindruck Nr 21/90, 275x430mm.

2. Karel Tondl (1893-1980)
painter, graphic artist and illustrator.
Disciple of prof. J. Loukota, V. Bukovac, J. Preisler and M. Svabinsky at AVU in Prague.
He studied art history, aesthetics and philosophy at FF UK, graphics at Sorbonne in Paris.
He was founder of SVU Ales, member of Societe Nationale des Beaux-Art in Paris,
Print Society in London, UB in Bratislava and SCUG Hollar.

Grave of Professor Jan Tondl (22.05.1854 - 26.11.1917) and the urns of Karel and Vlasta Tondl

The urns of Prof. Dr. Karel Tondl (1893-1980; deserved artist; academic painter and graphic artist) 
and Vlasta Tondlová (*22.3.1902 - + 1.5.2000; opera singer)

Karel Tondl: "Two nude Women", woodcut on silk paper", 128x92 mm


Karel Tondl: "New-York", woodcut on paper, 238x328 mm, dated 25-8-1921


Karel Tondl: "Nude Women and Children at a lake", tempera on board, 27x34cm, 1933


Karel Tondl: "Mountains", oil on board, 40x30cm, 1923


Karel Tondl: "National Theatre, Prague", monotype, 25x33cm


Karel Tondl: "Nude Woman by a Curtain", oil on cardboard, 34x24,5 cm


Karel Tondl: "Nudes at a Lake", oil on paper, 1944


Karel Tondl: "Castle Karlova Koruna near Chlumec nad Cidlinou", litho, 280x397mm


Karel Tondl: "Muzeum Bedricha Smetany in Prague", litho, 325x233mm


Karel Tondl: "A Day by the River Seine", 1930.
Cycle with six woodcuts with foreword by M. Novotny.
Published as 3rd volume of Primavera edition by J. Polívka, 520 copies.



The River Seine: woodcut 1


The River Seine: woodcut 2


The River Seine: woodcut 3


The River Seine: woodcut 4


The River Seine: woodcut 5


The River Seine: woodcut 6


Karel Tondl: "Three nude Girls at the Sea", drawing in ink, 1934

3. Ladislav Jirka (11.2.1914 - 15.5.1986), graphic artist and engraver


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